QualityKick™ Quality Management System

You want a quality management system that is fully tailored to your needs. However, you don’t want to pay for costly, time-consuming development. Then QualityKick™ is the solution that offers you best of both worlds. It enables you to tailor your QMS by simply choosing from seven modules: document control, events, CAPA, trainings, change control, validation and audit. In no time, you’ll be up and running with a system that fits all your quality management needs.

QualityKick™ has been built with open-source technology to ensure low cost of ownership. Thanks to its versatile nature, it will easily interact with all other systems. And that’s only one of the characteristics that makes it so user-friendly. As a cloud-based solution, QualityKick™ also lets everyone involved access your data from anywhere, anytime. All of this in a highly-secured environment, and in line with compliance regulations.


  • QUICK ROLL-OUT: Enjoy a quick and smooth rollout, without the hassle of arduous development. Simply choose the modules you need and get going.
  • CLOUD-BASED: Access your QMS from anywhere, anytime, in any browser. Rest assured that your data is backed up and secured at every moment.
  • FLEXIBLE & VERSATILE: Adapt your QMS to your specific needs in the most flexible way. Discover how easily it interacts with other systems, due to its versatile nature.
  • REGULATORY COMPLIANCE: Work according to GxP standards in a system developed according to FDA 21 CFR part 11 and Annex 11 guidelines.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Forget lengthy manuals or time-consuming trainings. Start working in your QMS immediately, thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive character.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Forget lengthy manuals or time-consuming trainings. Start working in your QMS immediately, thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive character.


“Our consultants were always required to travel to the customer to do their work, but for customers with QualityKick, working on documents and pushing them through the approval workflow can now be done remotely and has become easier than ever.”
– Martijn Reniers | QA/CSV expert & Co-owner of Quality by Design N.V.


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