QbD Software Framework

Standard software packages typically solve well-known problems. For customized solutions however, working with these vendors is often slow and expensive. This causes many times to simply stick to what the software offers out of the box, or to let your IT team patch up some solution.

Our QbD Software Framework is the answer to this problem. It is a software basis which contains essential building blocks and enables us to develop custom solutions in a reliable, validated and cost-effective way. With the QbD Software Framework we can build the missing pieces in your workflow to truly streamline and automate your processes.


  • ESSENTIAL BUILDING BLOCKS: QbD Software Framework includes the essential building blocks like Record History, User & Permissions management, Forms Designer, etc.
  • VALIDATED MANY TIMES OVER: As our QbD Software Framework has been used in many solutions, it has been validated many times according to FDA 21 CFR part 11 regulation.
  • CLOUD-READY: QbD Software Framework can easily integrate with specific cloud services. We have broad experience with Amazon© AWS and Microsoft© Azure.
  • COST-EFFECTIVE: Much, much cheaper than what your big software partners can offer your.




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