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Contract Research labs often need several project managers to manage ongoing studies. An important part of their task is to stay in touch with sponsors, study managers, country managers and site contacts and provide them with reports and tracker files as samples get analyzed and test results become available. Doing this accurately and in a timely fashion is a challenge.

Our CentralKick™ Portal solution solves this by offering an online platform where all stakeholders can connect to to follow the studies progress, obtain reports, and pose questions.
The Portal can easily integrate with other systems to obtain data in real-time and takes care of sending out email notifications to the relevant users when a report or tracker file becomes available. In essence, the Portal is a must have for the project management team as it relieves strain by automating tedious tasks and centralizing communications.

Finally, this system can be easily expanded with any desired functionality as it is built on top of our QbD Software Framework.


  • CENTRALIZE SUPPORT: Channel support for sponsors, country managers and sites through a single, user-friendly tool.
  • COMPLIANT SOLUTION: Developed and validated according to FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance regulations.
  • AGILE USER MANAGEMENT: Import, export, bulk-edit thousands of users or use your Microsoft© Active Directory service.
  • GRANULAR PERMISSIONS: Includes multiple levels of permission roles for for different types of users.
  • SECURE PLATFORM: A reliable platform to which your users connect over a secure connection.
  • CONTROL: Obtain usage insights through detailed metrics and statistics.


“This platform has helped us to solve a critical problem that our project managers were facing while managing their ongoing studies. The platform automates important tasks and centralizes communications with the sites which has greatly reduced costs, human errors and increased customer satisfaction.”
– Dr. Mark Kockx, MD, PhD | CEO of HistoGeneX

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