A web-based pathology LIMS with NGS integration

About the customer

The customer is the commercial branch of one of the biggest pathology laboratories of Belgium that carries out clinical research for state and private entities, including a few of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies.

The Problem

They were looking for ways to add targeted sequencing or complete sequencing of tumor genomes to their test portfolio and could not find a way to integrate that kind of data and workflow easily into their current LIMS platform.

The solution

We applied LabKick™, a web-based, easily reconfigurable Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that supports the whole laboratory workflow from entering patient and sample data, to gathering test results, to generating reports and other outputs. The system helps manage data, interacts with the laboratory equipment and software, and securely stores all collected data, in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
The LIMS functionality facilitates the laboratory workflow throughout the whole process:

  1. Entering patient and sample data.
    Once the laboratory receives a sample, the patient’s demographic information, medical history and sample data are entered into the system. Each sample is then encoded with a barcode that holds relevant patient data in HL7 format.
  2. Developing the sample’s observation plan.
    According to the type of research required, the system allows selecting and scheduling the necessary tests.
  3. Processing the sample and storing information.
    The system interacts with Roche based equipment (e.g. Ventana iScan HT) to automate data capture. The system exchanges data with integrated equipment in HL7 format.
  4. Generating the report.
    LIMS has a custom reporting system with a number of predefined reports including:
    test result report for the customer available in different formats;
    billing report that holds invoice information.
  5. Consulting with CollabRx.
    DNA sequencing results are sent in VCF (Variant Call Format) to CollabRx, a data analytics company that develops a report with possible drugs and treatment options for the patient.

The benefits

The LIMS has rich functionality that allows efficient management of the laboratory workflow by means of:

  • going completely paperless throughout the process;
  • considerably saving time with workflow automation;
  • securely storing information in compliance with regulations;
  • integration with internal services (lab instruments and equipment, accounting systems);
  • integration with external services (exchanging patient info with 3rd party systems);
  • better quality of testing, empowering informed clinical decision making and significantly improving patients care.

As the LabKick™ LIMS can be easily integrated with other APIs, it becomes possible to establish seamless information exchange with other research facilities proving opportunities for collaboration.

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