A Second Opinion solution with TelePathology

About the customer

The customer is a Biotech startup in Europe which has the mission to provide patients in different countries with an easy way to obtain a second opinion of their biopsy.

The Problem

They needed a scalable software solution that would integrate digital pathology and different complex workflows. It had to permit them to work in a centralized way with different stakeholders around the world: pathologists, laboratory customers, and patient customers.

The Solution

We used our LabKick™ LIMS solution as a basis and developed required functionality on top of it that enables them to manage their data and workflow in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.
With an integration of Pathomation’s software products, PMA.core and PMA.view, we provided users with an end-to-end software solution for the whole second opinion workflow, which consists of:

  1. Entering patient and case data.
    Patients themselves or a partner laboratory can enter the patient’s demographic information, medical history and case related information.
  2. Attaching digitalized slides to the case.
    These slides are made available on a general Pathomation server or on the partner’s own Pathomation server to avoid the need to physically or digitally send slides.
  3. Assignment of cases.
    Project managers review each case and assign it to a pathologist, who can in turn accept or reject the case.
  4. In-app slide viewing.
    Pathologists can easily go through the case documentation and visualize all related slides through an embedded solution of Pathomation’s PMA.view software.
  5. Automatic status updates.
    The system takes care of sending email notifications to the relevant users on each case status update.

The benefits

The resulting platform provides our customer with the means to offer their service globally and remotely by:

  • providing an integrated digital pathology solution that makes telepathology a reality;
  • having one centralized platform for the whole service;
  • avoiding the costs of sending biopsies and the legal challenges of country borders;
  • securely storing information in compliance with regulations;
  • empowering clinical decision making and significantly improving the possibility for patients to obtain a second opinion;

The platform can be easily integrated with other APIs, which makes it possible to establish seamless information exchange with other systems proving opportunities for collaboration.

Check out the specifics of our LabKick™  solution here


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