A Customer Portal for a Contract Research lab

About the customer

HistoGeneX Laboratories is a company that brings a real-world approach to drug development biomarker programs. The laboratory serves pharma and biotech drug development sponsors and also functions as a diagnostic laboratory serving oncology offices globally.

The problem

The communication between HistoGeneX and its customers required a huge, time-consuming effort on a daily basis on the HistoGeneX side, both for the project management team and the IT department. The tools and workflows that were put in place a few years back proved not to be scalable when the company started to grow rapidly.

The solution

We implemented CentralKick™, our web-based Customer Portal for CRO’s which was designed to manage large phase global clinical trials and resulted in greater efficiency to both the HistoGeneX team and their customer’s teams.

The system integrates with StarLIMS to retrieve study related information and automates the process of notifying customers by email about report and tracker files being ready for download through the Customer Portal.

This way, communications and data exchange between literally thousands of users is being streamlined through one centralized system, providing a user-friendly tool with a flat learning curve.

The benefits

The Customer Portal has become the main, centralized, customer communication system and empowered HistoGeneX by means of:

  • better quality of customer support;
  • enhanced control over communications;
  • measurable insights of the project management process;
  • decrease of human errors due to automatization of processes;
  • integration with internal services;
  • huge amounts of time savings for HistoGeneX employees and customers;
  • important cost savings in terms of StarLIMS licenses and custom development in comparison to a StarLIMS-based solution;

According to our customer, the return on investment of this solution happened just 3 months after it was put into production.

Check out the specifics of our CentralKick™solution here


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