We typically build platforms that consist of a four-tier system

Requirements change quickly and technology improves exponentially. This means that software in your company or institution needs to adapt accordingly in an ongoing process to keep an edge with your activities.

We make a list of requirements together with you, prioritise them and develop specific solutions which are then validated and put into production one by one. This immediately adds value to your business and ensures a fast return on your automation investment.

We leverage open source technologies to maintain the Total Cost of Ownership low. As customers often Microsoft-minded there is no problem to integrate with Microsoft servers and databases. Additionally, our user interfaces are always web-based, which means that you only need a web browser to work with our systems: Internet Exporer, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

We typically build platforms that consist of a four-tier system:

  1. Any web browser, or any network-capable client (instruments, robots, or other software clients)
  2. Our web-based software application
  3. A relational database
  4. A file storage system

This design offers distributed workstations and instruments access to the platform from anywhere across the network or the Internet. It also maintains the platform scalable from a hardware perspective and permits easy integration of effective Disaster Recovery mechanisms resulting in a highly reliable solution.

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