QbD Software, especially developed for the life sciences & biotech industries

What we do

Do you want to automate your workflows? Then discover what QbD Software can do for your quality management. It’s a versatile range of technological solutions, fully tailored to your needs and perfectly compatible with your current software packages.

Why we do it

When you manage data in a lab, you often have only two options: choosing off-the-shelf software that doesn’t really fit your processes, or going with a custom-made system that takes ages to build. Today, some labs still work with a combination of spreadsheets, Word docs and e-mail.

How we do it?

Our QbD Software Framework is the answer to this challenge. It’s a solid basis on which we build custom applications to automate tasks and provide user-friendly interfaces. As a result, you close the cycle by building exactly what you need, in a fast and cost-effective way.

Curious how we do it, and which technologies we use? Read all about it here!

We can offer you three different solutions

QbD Software enables you to improve your workflow, increase your flows and reduce your costs. All our platforms can be tailored to your needs, while ensuring great user experience.
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